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A Letter From Our President


Financial Consortium International and its affiliated companies are guided by three fundamental principles:

  • Integrity

  • Prudence

  • Service to Customers                                                


A company is known by its ethics, principles, and by the character of its people, as well as by the quality of its products and services. At FCI, the corporate integrity of the company is based in the honest presentation of our products and services and the fair and equal treatment of all our associates. Our people have high standards and we strive to live up to the principles of corporate integrity every day.


We intend to maintain a vigil over our own actions at every level of management, applying a sound, prudent decision-making process to every judgment—whether a matter relates to customers, prospective business, or our own people. We try to practice sensible and defensible risk management and look at every event first as a potentially manageable task. We encourage our associates to help management remain ever mindful of this pledge.


Few phrases are more often used, yet so infrequently practiced as "customer service". We are keenly aware that the best customer service we can provide, every day, lies at the core of both our customers' and our success. We can retain clients, even in the face of adversity, if they know we care about them, are confident we will help them with their questions and concerns, are certain we will catch and correct errors quickly, and are proactive in anticipating their future needs. Great service takes study, attentiveness and listening, as well as the commitment of our entire company.


On this website, we have outlined FCI's services and capabilities for your review. Please contact me or any of our associates with any questions or comments that you may have regarding any aspect of our company's operations. We welcome the opportunity to service your investment needs.


Bret Williams

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